Innovative 3-Component Live Telemetry Solution For Go Karting

RaceCloud BUNDLE
RaceCloud Live Telemetry - Bundle

RaceCloud is a 3-component Live Telemetry Solution: Hardware that includes high precision data logging devices, sensors and cables, Cloud services and Mobile app for iOS.

The RaceCloud hardware can be used standalone but its full capabilities as telemetry are revealed when utilised in a common Eco-system with the RaceCloud Services and RaceCloud iOS Mobile App.

Go karting drivers, race engineers, mechanics and fans are empowered with the latest technology for live monitoring of the driver and kart's performance on the racing track.

RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE (The Hardware)

RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE (The Hardware)

RaceCloud Services

RaceCloud Services

RaceCloud services are subscription-based.

All the data acquired from the Go Kart BUNDLE mounted on the go kart is computed and transferred via the RaceCloud over the 3G network. Then, it is streamed to the iPad.

All sessions recorded over time are stored on the RaceCloud.

The Benefits

The Benefits

RaceCloud brings innovation to go karting

The solution takes advantage of the synergy of modern hi-tech achievements, top-notch hardware and cloud services.

It completely changes the way the performance of the racing drivers and their machines is monitored.

Data available on-the-spot when you need it

Ensures innovative transfer of the gathered performance data from the go-kart to the iPad via the Internet and the RaceCloud services.

Empowers the driver and mechanic with more knowledge

Provides drivers and mechanics with powerful tools to analyze and enhance the drivers’ skills and go karts' performance.

Saves time analyzing the racing data

Prevents time loss and hassle on the track needed to download data from data loggers onto memory sticks and then transport them to paddock for analysis.

Designed by karting drivers and mechanics

All features and functionalities of RaceCloud are derived from the experience of racers on the track and in paddock.

Tested to suit the needs of drivers who want to be winners.

Understand data with ease

Never again get lost with overelaborate diagrams in racing softwares that make you lose too much time and require climbing the impossible learning curve.