Live Telemetry on Vroom Karting Magazine

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RaceCloud Live Telemetry Publication on Vroom Karting Magazine

Vroom Publication (click for larger image)

RaceCloud Live Telemetry featured on Vroom Karting Magazine (International Edition).

The magazine will soon be published online on the platform of


RaceCloud Tips & Tricks for Winners – “Before you enter the track for the first time”

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Ch1_V1You haven’t waited too long for any of our tips, right?

So here we are, with the first steps in karting – the Chapter one of the RaceCloud Tips & Tricks for Winners! We are about to guide you through the steps you should follow before you enter the track for the first time.


Let us know what you think and if this tutorial was helpful for you.

Tips and Tricks for Winners – RaceCloud Video Blog

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Vasil Kolarov

Have you ever tasted the sweetness of victory?! Winning is fun, especially in go karting. The thrill of driving is exhilarating by itself but being ahead of everyone and leading the pack, that is the ultimate experience to all drivers. But how does one become the winner? How does one hone his driving skills and setup the machine to the extent that victory on the track would come effortlessly?

The RaceCloud Video blog (a.k.a vlog), with the help of RaceCloud Live Telemetry solution is the ultimate way to take your driving skills to a whole new level and reach the highest goals in your racing career.

As a sequence of short videos Race Cloud Video Blog will take you on a tour from the very beginning to the victorious finish. We will guide you in every step after entering the world of go karting, through your first steps, growing lap by lap, exploring the physical and mental limits of yourself and your machine, until you finally become a champion.

Our host will be Mr. Vasil Kolarov, who is 3-times National Champion of Rotax Max Challenge Bulgaria (plus 1-time Vice Champion).

So, the first episode of the vlog will appear very soon and we’d like to know very much what you think of it.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines With Us

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Stop by RaceCloud blog! You are very welcome. 


Stop By Our Blog

Stop By Our Blog

Several reasons to stop by often and check our posts:

1. Understand better the RaceCloud Telemetry

We’ll give you insights of how it works, what the specific benefits for you as a driver, mechanic or fan are and how they would help you to develop your skills and understand better your kart.

2.  Get to know us as a team

There are many interesting people on our team and almost everybody is somehow involved in racing.

3. Tell us what you think. Comment and share

RaceCloud Live Telemetry is an innovation to the go karting world and we want to make it as good as possible. So, let us know what you think of it.

4. Some surprises (and news)

We’ve planned lots of activities to introduce the Live Telemetry to the karting world. Stay on the alert!