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RaceCloud App

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RaceCloud iOS Application is online on Apple App Store.

Test it on your iPads!

We have pre-loaded real life racing data from our main track for testing and from some of the greatest venues for go karting in Europe (Castelletto, Genk and Salbris)

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RaceCloud iOS Application – How to Analyse the Racing Line

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Our test driver Vasil Kolarov gives a crash course how to use the racing line analysis tool in RaceCloud iOS App.

It’s just a short demo and probably the start of many more to follow.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share and comment!

RaceCloud Road Show at Castelletto and Salbris

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RaceCloud’s driver Vasil Kolarov  took part in the Euro Challenge at Castalletto (May 26th  - June 1st) and he took the RaceCloud Live Telemetry on board his Rotax DD2 Max, on a CRG chassis. Though he was not very happy with his performance the Live Telemetry did a great job with the measurements of lap times within minimal margins from the official transponder timing.

Here’s a video from the paddock:

At Salbris (June 6-8th) our team showcased the telemetry to many of the team members racing at the NSK event. We are happy with the positive reactions but still we need to meet more people from the go karting world and get their opinion about the telemetry.

Here’s a onboard video from Salbris:

Some photos at Salbris.

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