RaceCloud Academy is here… and it’s free for 2015!

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LaunchWelcome to the future! Welcome to the whole new world of RaceCloud’s Academy – an innovative concept taking data acquisition to a whole new state-of-the-art level! Combining 21st century technology with the already proven easy-to-use software, the high-precision hardware and adding the high-quality and super-efficient services, we have dedicated our new product in making you able to experience the world of motorsports in a whole new way. Unlike anything else on the market we are focused not only in presenting you with some data and graphics but highlighting the essential information, visualized in an easy-to-understand manner that will save you time and efforts to put in real racing! Adding some world-first solutions for driver coaching, kart maintenance and team management RaceCloud Academy is again one step further into the future of motorsports!

Well, let’s unveil what are the key features included in the Academy subscription that are making it so special:

  • Advanced Analysis -  Emphasizing the driver’s behavior and go-kart’s performance RaceCloud is again presenting a first-of-a-kind innovative visual graphics – G-Force and Steering wheel analysis directly over the racing lines. What’s more, thanks to our integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, RaceCloud is the first ever telemetry system for go-kart that automatically detects and display your brake and turn in points over the racing line. Making it beyond comparison the easiest and fastest way to spot under/oversteer by analysing the changes in the G-Forces and Steering angles, finding the smallest details and the spots defining the racing line itself, taking the root for improvement of your driving skills like is a piece of cake. It is so simple and easy that even your youngest driver will be able to understand it. analysis-9-academy
  • Co-Driver Mode - Being able to make any driver understand and fulfill all your advices and recommendations is the key to developing his driving and making him faster. This won’t be a problem anymore with RaceCloud. Just find the desired brake/turn in/acceleration/etc. points that define the fastest racing line, and afterwards, through the Academy Co-Driver setup in the iOS app create them as guiding points and send them to the Go-Kart BUNDLE so that the system will indicate the driver for every point on the track by the DISPLAY and LEDs on top of it while driving.academy-co-driver
  • Maintenance Timers - No matter if you are a team manager that wants to keep an eye over his chassies and engines or you are a hobby driver that goes on the track only from time to time, the maintenance timers are another one-of-a-kind RaceCloud reserved feature that allows you to keep track of every possible servicing procedure. You will be notified every time when there’s something to check (lubricate the chain, change your engine’s piston, etc,). Just use the pre-defined default timers or even input your own.maintenance-timers

And since RaceCloud is a multi-component solution we are constantly working on improving and upgrading the Go-Kart BUNDLE’s software as well. Thanks to the Over-The-Air functionality, updating your device’s software is as simple as confirming the notification for the available new version and waiting few seconds for it to be downloaded and installed.

To be able to use the new RaceCloud academy your system have to be updated to software version 1.2 which includes:

  • New: Academy session mode
  • New: Customisable Battery Alarm
  • New: GPS detailed information screen
  • New: End session by pressing the two inner buttons on the Display
  • Improved: GPS aiding mechanics changes to better handle indoor/outdoor transitions
  • Improved: Driving for the first time on new track without start/finish line should occur far less often
  • Improved: Control of charging the internal battery, resulting in better time keeping and GPS precision

So, lets get to business – how can you get it? As another compliment for our users we are offering the Academy upgrade for free until the end of 2015 for all the users with a valid basic subscription.

What you need to do?

  • Send us an e-mail on support@racecloud.net with your team name and your desire to participate in the trial of the Academy.
  • Update your RaceCloud iOS Application at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/racecloud/id875842194?ls=1&mt=8
  • Update your Go-Kart BUNDLE: RaceCloud’s Go-Kart BUNDLE, thanks to its connectivity, is equipped with an easy Over-The-Air mechanism that will automatically notify you for an existing software update and will execute the whole procedure just after your confirmation.

As soon as you execute those three simple steps you’ll have the whole new Academy world at your finger tips. You’ll have it for free until the end of 2015 and you’ll be able to decide weather to keep the upgrade afterwards and pay for it or keep the old basic package that you already have.

For more information about all the Academy details explore our website:

2 thoughts on “RaceCloud Academy is here… and it’s free for 2015!”

  1. Dear Sirs,

    We are a company from Portugal, and we are interested in your products.
    We are in the business since 1998 and we have also a race track (www.kip.pt).
    We import from Italy many products os factorys as Sparco or Alpinestars, Bengio, Lucky Design, KG or Righet Ridolfi.

    Weare really interested in make a good job for race cloud in our country and in Angola ( Africa).

    Wating for your reply

    Best regards

    João Carvalho

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