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A new breed of driving academy was born!

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As the first (and sometimes the only) step of entering the world of motorsports, karting is able to develop racing drivers like nothing else on the planet! Starting at a very early age and training their “super powers” until they reach the motoring enigma is a sacred dream of every child and man.


Taste the smell of racing fuel, hear a screaming racing engine, feel the exhilaration of going beyond the limit. Those emotions and exaltation are shattering the mind and body into every racing second and are irresistibly addictive!

996754_1678489555697703_6351852988203526070_nEach and every member of the RaceCloud team is carrying this emotional commitment that have pushed us to create something special for all the little boys and girls that want to enter this fascinating world and grow step by step as a better human being, as a player, as a faster driver, as a winner! Every one of us have desired to be able to benefit from today’s technologies, to have someone to share their experience and tips for becoming better and better, an opportunity to develop and grow our abilities in a fair competition, and, last but not least, to enjoy racing at its finest. This is why we have created a new breed of karting academy so that we can combine all those into one and offer meaningful and exciting future for our kids!


Having the winter break knocking on the door we didn’t even thought about having a rest. After the active racing season 2015 was over and during the snowy winter months it was the perfect time for theoretical education and basic driving preparation of the contenders. Contenders? Well, it’s about time to clarify a bit about the “2016 Bulgarian Young Drivers Karting Academy”. Of course there was a challenge all the time. Everyone was welcome to register and participate in the first stage of the training. In addition to the teaching, learning and driving rental karts under the roof of the biggest indoor karting track in Bulgaria, this was also the time for the first selection of drivers that will continue into the second stage.

12605294_1684169178463074_4453096175899984528_oThe choice was extremely difficult! 80 contenders between 6 and 10 years old, every one of them carrying the petrol-head spark in his eyes and seriously determined to grow further. 5 hours a day, 3 days a week during 4 intense months every one of those kids was stunning! Some of them had the gene inside them and just needed some guidance. Some were completely new in driving and racing. We even did have some participants with some wrong habits already. They have developed so quickly, so effectively… we were devastated that we’ll not be able to give everyone a chance in the next stage. Yes, unfortunately only 30 kids of those 80 continued with the next round where the things got serious.


Every group got his winners, we did get our coach notes on every one of them and together with timing and  progress we determined the lucky 30 that goes forward. Every one receives an official racing driver license and the right to compete in all the local and international racing events. What’s next – we had to get them out of the indoor track, take them into the real racing circuits and let them know the homologated karting machines. The 14 that get into shape the fastest, show the best development, skills and knowledge will be the winners of the pre-stages of the Academy. What will be their prize?! A unique opportunity – joining the professional world of racing with equipment, karting and all the technical and coaching support granted for free by the Bulgarian Karting Federation and RaceCloud.


Stay tuned for the next blog post introducing you the second stage of the project!