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RaceCloud Academy launch on 24-th

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Academy_ImageThe strive for creating something special is always generating passionate and emotional approach. That is what we are always using as a driving force for creating all our products and services and RaceCloud Academy is no exception! Helping you understand driving better, get close to the track and experience racing in a whole new way, were the main goals when developing our new features. Combining 21st century technology with the already proven easy-to-use software, the high-precision hardware and adding the high-quality and super-efficient services, RaceCloud Academy, unlike anything else on the market, is not only presenting you with some data and graphics, but highlighting the essential information, visualized in an easy-to-understand manner that will save you time and efforts to put in real racing! Adding some world-first solutions for driver coaching, kart maintenance and team management, RaceCloud Academy is again one step further into the future of motorsports!

If you want to take part in this revolutionary concept explore our website to find out more about:

The Academy features – http://www.racecloud.net/software.html#academy

The Team management system- http://www.racecloud.net/software.html#team

And the different Subscription options - http://www.racecloud.net/services.html

And of course, count with us the days in the remaining week until the official release on September 24-th on the social networks:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/racecloud

Twitter – https://twitter.com/racecloudnet

Maintenance timers

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Maintenance_HeaderWhen talking about chassis and engine performance the first things that come to mind are power, acceleration, G-forces, cornering speeds and lap times. But behind achieving all those figures and results lies the technical condition and preparation of your racing equipment in order to unveil its best performance. And despite being a relatively simple in technical terms, kart racing requires a lot of maintenance procedures, keeping the machine in shape.

IMG_0532Now imagine that you are owning not just a single go-kart, but a team with numerous karts, each of them with a few different engines and you have to take care of all the necessary maintenance procedures, keep track of what have been previously done and what have to be done in the future. It could easily become a nightmare and what’s worse – you can easily forget an important procedure and this may cause worse performance or even a technical failure.

IMG_0536In RaceCloud we have created an effortless notification tool allowing you to keep track of all those procedures, no matter if they concern engine, chassis or you want to add a custom reminder for any other maintenance or servicing procedure.

IMG_0535Pick any of the default units or create your custom timer and adjust the notification’s interval (a number of racing hours, sessions or days). Since your RaceCloud is constantly monitoring what’s happening with your machine there is no need for you to think about anything. It automatically counts how many racing hours you’ve done, the number of sessions made and the active days of use and notifies you accordingly when there is a procedure that you have to be reminded for. Check it when you’re done and the timer starts counting again. As simple as that!

IMG_0533And from now on you will never forget any operation that has to be done on any of your karts and thus will be safe and secure that you can rely on your machine’s technical condition and performance.


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