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RaceCloud Co-Driver Mode

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The world-first Co-Driver for Go-Karting is here! And it’s here to help, to help learning new tracks, to help improve driver’s behavior, racing line and the points of interaction that define the ideal line through the corners. In the previous blog post (How to Improve Lap Times with RaceCloud Academy) we have discussed the proper approach in creating a Co-Driver setup on the iPad and it is now time do see how the magic happens from the driver’s perspective.

After the created setup is loaded on the device through the Session Mode screen for every driver it refers to, you will be guided with illuminating signals by the LEDs for every speed changing action (braking, accelerating or keeping constant speed) and by the DISPLAY itself for the cornering interactions.

So now, all you have to do is to go out and drive, following just the simple 3-2-1 visual instructions:

3-2-1 (Brake)
3-2-1 (Turn)
3-2-1 (Keep your balance)
3-2-1 (Accelerate)Green
Of course, you must be careful when setting up those points through the RaceCloud iPad Application and never rely solely on the Co-Driver’s guidance. Create the points only for reference and check them during the moderate driving pace in the first lap or two, before getting into racing at 100%. You are the driver, you should feel the driving and benefit from the Co-Driver’s guidance with just keeping the display in your peripheral sight in order to quickly learn unknown tracks, easily improve your driving and effectively adjust your racing line. We already mentioned that every point of interaction is affecting your racing line, speed and driven path and thus, changing any of them results in a change in your results. For example moving your braking point a little bit further means that you’ll keep more speed on the previous section, but you’ll need a later turn-in, the racing line will alter in one with a later apex and this will lead to potential earlier acceleration, but this may not be suitable for the next section of the track, so you need to carefully examine the data, find the fastest way through the section of corners. So just create a setup of points and carefully experiment until you reach the desired results.


As soon as you select the new session mode, the Co-Driver’s guidance will be with higher priority than your standard  LED indications for  RPM Shift Light or Lap/Split Difference. Of course, despite being used for the Co-Driver mode, the temperature alarm will always “watch your back”, overriding its instructions, so the LEDs will notify you for overheating of the engine, if its temperature get too high, over the predefined value in settings.


After the session made under your virtual Co-Driver’s guidance you will be able to again fully analyze your performance, including the Academy points locations, so you can adjust your setup even further and grow even higher in your driving and results!

If you need more of the RaceCloud Academy’s Co-Driver Mode take a look at our action video: RaceCloud Academy in Action