Frequently Asked Questions



What is RaceCloud telemetry for go karting?

RaceCloud works as a 3-component Live Telemetry Solution:

  1. Hardware that includes high precision data logging devices, sensors and cables.
  2. Cloud services
  3. Mobile app for iOS (Android version coming soon) that is free. The RaceCloud hardware can be used standalone but its full capabilities as telemetry are revealed when utilized in a common Eco-system with the RaceCloud Services and RaceCloud iOS Mobile App.
What does it mean "Live" when speaking of RaceCloud telemetry?
Live means that in Live mode you see all the data as it happens on the track. The delay is within milliseconds and is practically non existent for the purposes of the telemetry.
What is The RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle?
This is the full pack of Go Kart logging devices and sensors that are optimized to monitor and log all the vital information happening on the track. Currently, we sell only the Go Kart BUNDLE because it is necessary for the drivers and teams to receive the most important for them features - the Live telemetry via the Live Mode and the Analysis Mode that contains all analytical features of the solution.
Can I use the RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE as a standalone data logger?
Yes, you can, it works perfectly fine as a conventional data logger, you would just need to do some basic setup via the Go Kart DISPLAY interface. Usually the must is to setup your start/finish points. If you want to use a specific track however, you need to buy a subscription in order to download the data from the cloud as it is not available on the device.
I just bought RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle, what do I do now?
If you bought it online, please allow the time to be shipped and delivered to you.
I have my own data logger; can I use it with the RaceCloud services and as Live telemetry?
No, you can't. The data for the Live telemetry in Live Mode and the functionalities in Analysis mode is optimized to be derived, transmitted and processed only via the Go Kart BUNDLE.
Is there a warranty for the Go Kart Bundle?
RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 24 months starting from the day of purchase.
What battery should I use for my RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE?

RaceCloud Bundle electrical consumption with all peripheral (GPS, GSM, Display, Weather Station, RPM&Temp sensor) on full load (in session) is:


It is recommended to use a 11-16V battery with at least 2.7Ah capacity. This will provide 5-8h continuous usage which under normal conditions is enough for approximately 2-4 heavy training days.

If connected to the same battery as the engine we recommend using 12V battery with 7.2Ah capacity or more. This should be sufficient for 2-3 racing days, but daily charging is still recommended for best performance.

If connecting to your battery requires modifications the RaceCloud BOX power supply cable, please contact our support team. We will provide you with important information on how to do it safely and without damaging your unit.

Under no circumstances use 16V or more batteries and do not charge them with high voltage chargers (such as 24V) while the system is connected.

While the system is turned off it may still drain some current (less than 1mAh). If you are not going to use it for prolonged period you should disconnect it from the battery to preserve its charge. In that case we would recommend to reconnect it back to the battery and turn it on at least a day before using it again to allow the internal clock battery to reset and recharge.



Why do I need to buy an yearly subscription to RaceCloud services?
You need it if you want to take advantage of the Live telemetry functions in Live Mode and the functionalities in Analysis mode. Shortly explained, you are paying for processing and storing your data in the cloud and then transmitted to the iOS application.
How can I be sure that the tracks I usually go to practice or race are included in the RaceCloud database?
Check our tracks list. If you can't find your track we'll add to the database upon your request. We have developed a special technology that allows us to derive geographical data from reliable sources and then convert it into track models within RaceCloud solution. The track is automatically recognized by the software once your Go Kart Bundle is connected to the RaceCloud servers (subscription required) so you do not need to do any manual work.
My track is available in the RaceCloud database but it has undergone some kind of change and the corners or something else is different. How should I proceed?
Let us know asap and we'll make the necessary adjustments. E-mail us here with a short description what are the changes to the track
What happens if there is no GSM (EDGE or HSPDA) coverage at the track where I want to use RaceCloud telemetry and services?
The Go Kart BUNDLE and the automated RaceCloud perform start-up checks and you'll be notified on the Go Kart DISPLAY if for some reason connectivity is not available. Do not worry, just make your sessions, the data will be stored on the Go Kart BOX memory and transferred whenever there's available connectivity (automatic sync). However, Live Mode will not be available if there's no connectivity on the track for the Go Kart CONNECT to transfer data.
I am not sure if I can use Live telemetry on all events - practices and races. What if sending data from the go kart is not allowed?
In some cases the regulations of CIK-FIA might not allow Live telemetry during racing or sessions. In that case, just remove the Go Kart CONNECT module and you can still use the Go Kart Bundle as a standalone conventional data logger. Make your sessions and the data will be stored on the Go Kart BOX memory and transferred whenever there's available connectivity (automatic sync). However, Live Mode will not be available.
What type of engines, chassis and gear boxes is RaceCloud hardware suitable for?
The RaceCloud solution support all types of these, including shifters.
What happens to my private data in RaceCloud?
It remains private and visible only to you. However, if you choose to share some components of your data with the rest of the world you can do that as well. Your data, on the other hand, is not transferable to be used with other analytical tools or systems. You can use it for analysis purposes only with the RaceCloud and the iOS application.
How does RaceCloud protect my personal data and can I trust that no one has access to my data in the RaceCloud?
RaceCloud uses Amazon Web Services with all their benefits for security and data protection. Read more about AWS Security Center and World-Class Protection
iOS Application

iOS Application

Is RaceCloud available for devices with operating systems other than iOS?
Not yet, we are working on an Android version. We'll announce it as soon as it's available.
Why do I need to have some kind of connectivity for your iPad?
If you want to use the Live telemetry in Live Mode, download the data from kart sessions or make modifications to your Race and Kart Setups your iPad must be online and therefore needs to be connected to the Internet. We suggest Wi-Fi or 3G connection (depending on the device capabilities)
How do I get the RaceCloud iOS Application?
It's available for download only from Apple App Store.
What are the measurement systems used in the iOS application?
Metric and Imperial systems are available.
General Tips &Tricks

General Tips &Tricks

Always follow the mounting instruction. A lot of sensors (such as accelerometers and gyroscopes) are integrated in the modules, so different mounting could lead to wrong data readings.

Keep the "Motion" module unobstructed - the GPS need a clear view to the sky and any other equipment (camera for example) mounted close to it could lead to degraded GPS performance.

In the beginning of the racing day power up the system under a clear sky for a few minutes. This will allow the GPS to collect the needed data for best performance during the day. Just go to "system info" and look at the "Motion" - you need 3 bars or more.

Before racing for first time on a new track, go to "Track" menu and select the track configuration. Your selection will be used automatically for this track after that.

If you still need assistance please contact our support team.