Mounting RaceCloud CHT Sensor

Mounting the sensor
Mounting the sensor
Mounting the sensor

Remove the spark plug.

Place probe under spark plug bending probe slightly if necessary to clear head casting or any cooling fins (be careful not to break the washer). Make sure the probe washer sits flat on cylinder head.

Bend direction
Sensor bend direction

Check the image on the left for the correct direction of bending the probe

Reinstall the spark plug.

Proper position of probe should not interfere with any other components.

Tighten spark plug to manufacturers specifications.

Route the thermocouple cable

Plug the EGT/CHT K-Type Adaptor in one of the universal ports of the BOX.

Route the thermcouple cable on the left of the seat (away from the engine) to the engine and plug the sensor.

Avoid touching the thermocouple cable to the RPM pickup cable.

Make sure the cable is not loose or with very tight bends. If you fix it with cable ties be careful not to break the cable by fastening them too tight.

Use a cable tie to fix the connection between the yellow plugs, routed trough their holes.

Setup the Bundle
Setup the Bundle
Setup the Bundle

Power up the bundle and go to Settings. From the Temperature Sensors menu select CHT. If the menu isn't there plug the connect module/antenna, wait for connection to the cloud and a Software Update Available screen will pop up. Follow the on-screen instructions and after installing check again.

Unplug the water-temperature probe from the TEMP-RPM sensor and strap the excessive cable somewhere on the kart.

Verify in the System Info menu that the electronics are working - the Engine Temperature line should say Connected.

On the Bundle's Dashboard you should see the engine temperature displayed in the top right corner.