Go Kart BUNDLE User Manual

Dashboard and Racing Screen

RaceCloud Live Telemetry Go Kart DISPLAY Dashboard Screen.


The dashboard show the engine's RPMS and temperature (if you are warming up at the pits), selected session mode and time of day or remaining time (if in Qualification mode), selected driver and track as well as battery level and weather conditions. At the bottom are the four buttons to access different menus and screens - the main Menu, list of recorded sessions (Analysis), System Information and Session Mode.

At the top of the screen a flashing indication may appear if the system detects a problem you should take care of:

GPS Signal Too Low - indicates the Motion sensor has very poor GPS reception. This may happen the first time you start the system after not using it for a long time or if started indoors. If it doesn't go away in few minutes and you are outdoors with clear view of the sky, then please check if the mounting follows the instructions. This indicator may also show on the Racing Screen during session to warn you if precision is lost.

Telemetry Disabled - indicates you have unplugged the Connect module to show the system is in CIK-FIA compliance mode and does not transmit any information to or from the network

No Track Configuration Selected - indicates the system does not know where the start/finish line is and will not track lap times. To resolve this make sure the correct track configuration is selected from the Track menu. If you are at location not available in the RaceCloud Tracks database you will have to setup a custom configuration (read below).

The System Info button on the Dashboard screen will blink in white if some sensor is not plugged in, if the Motion reception is not good, battery level is too low and other scenarios. Aditionally the LED on the RaceCloud BOX will turn red. Refer to System Info section for more details.


In the lower right corner depending on the plugged in sensors you will see the current EGT reading or the data from your Weather Station, looping between air temperature, pressure and humidity.

RaceCloud Live Telemetry Go Kart DISPLAY Racing Screen (in session).

Racing Screen
Racing Screen

When in session you can use the rightmost button to toggle between numerical display and RPM or speed and the leftmost button to toggle between lap difference and best lap time.

Racing Screen - End Session

A racing session automatically ends after 30 seconds when the kart is stationary with the engine off. You can also press the two inner buttons at the same time to end the session manually or even restart it when driving.

Main Menu: Settings


Engine Settings

Engine setup allows you to configure the RPM reading by selecting the type of engine (2 or 4 stroke), configure your RPM bar maximum value (where the rev limiter intervenes) and adjust the desired optimal shift point through the rev range.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors Settings

Allows you to selected what temperature data the system should read from the plugged-in sensors:

Select Water+EGT for water-cooled engines. Mount the TEMP probe to measure engine coolant temperature and optionally mount the EGT/CHT extension with EGT probe to read the exhaust gas temperature.

Select CHT for air-cooled engines. Disconnect the TEMP probe and mount the EGT/CHT sensor with the CHT probe to read the engine temperature.

Temperature Alarm

Temperature Alarm Settings

Allows you to enter the safe working temperature range of the engine, so you will be warned if the engine is too cold (blue LEDs indication) in order to avoid high revving.

You'll be notified if the engine is overheating (red LEDs indication).

EGT Setup

EGT Settings

Allows you to enter alarm value for EGT temperature. If the sensor reads above this value the Display LEDs will turn all red to warn you and the value displayed on the Race Screen will invert its colors.

Aditionally you can select Peak Hold Duration, controlling how long the maximum reached value will be displayed on the Race Screen instead of the current reading.

LED Indication

LED Indication Settings

allows you to choose the type of LED indication – whether an RPM/Shift light indication is needed or whether the Lap/Split time difference is more important for you.

When RPM/Shift light is selected the LEDs will light up one after another (first 3 LEDs in green, and the last 2 in red and all of them blinking in red when the shift point is reached) when reaching the selected optimal shifting point.

When Lap/Split indication is selected the LEDs will light up according the time difference: when you are up to 0.1sec faster the middle LED will light up in green, if you are 0.1 to 0.2sec faster the 2nd and 4th LED will light up in green, and if you're more than 0.2sec faster the 1st and 5th LEDs will light up in green. If you’re slower, the principle is the same, but the LEDs light up in red.

Lap/Split Difference Display

Lap/Split Time Difference LED Settings

Defines how long the lap/split difference will be displayed as a pop-up on a part of the racing screen when crossing a split line or the start/finish line.

Track Search Filter

Track Search Filter Settings

Select the type of track you are at so the Bundle locates it correctly for you. Choose from All tracks, Kart tracks only and Car tracks only.

RaceCloud recommends you keep that setting to All tracks unless it picks up nearby track of the wrong type.


Sensors Calibration

Calibrates the integrated in the Go Kart BUNDLE sensors.

Please always perform calibration before the first use of the Live Telemetry after mounting the Go Kart BUNDLE on the kart and after mounting has changed


Units Settings

Allows selection of the type of the units (Imperial or Metric) displayed on the Go Kart DISPLAY – temperature (°C/°F), distance (km/mi) and air pressure (mBar/hPa/mmHg)

Time Zone

Time Zone Settings

Setup the time zone according your current location.


Device Sleep Settings

Defines the idle time (when not using the device) before the system goes to sleep mode.

The device will not enter sleep mode if the engine is running (when you warm up the engine).

10 seconds prior to sleeping of the device a notification will pop-up and you can cancel the sleep timer.

Battery Alarm

Battery Alarm Settings

Defines the low battery and full battery voltage.

If the battery drops below the selected Battery Low Level a flashing indicator will be displayed on the Dashboard

If the battery goes above the selected Battery Full Level the Dashboard will say Battery Full instead of the voltage

Mobile Network

Mobile Network Settings

The menu allows you to choose between automatic and manual network selection modes, and when Manual is selected to find the desired operator to use for the Live Telemetry services and data transfer.

Switching between Auto and Manual selection causes the device to search for available operators and may take a few minutes. Not all operators, found by the device will be available to connect to. Choosing one one may result in loss of real-time telemetry.

When in Manual mode a Search button will be displayed that allows you to search again for available operators.

When in Auto mode the device will choose from the available operators based on quality of service and signal strength.

Pair Device

Pair Device

As part of the pairing between the device and your RaceCloud ID and iOS application you need to follow a wizard incorporating both the iPad and the Go Kart BUNDLE in order to synchronize them to guarantee the 3-component working principle of RaceCloud Live Telemetry System

The Pair Device menu is not available once the Go Kart BUNDLE is paired to a RaceCloud ID.

Erase all Data & Settings

Erase all data and settings

Erases all the stored data in the device – all the recorded sessions and settings. The BUNDLE is NOT unpaired from the RaceCloud ID

Invert colors

Invert Colors

Inverts the color scheme of the display – white symbols on a black background or black symbols on a white background.

Main Menu: Track

Track Detection and Display

Select Track - Not Available

When the RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE is started it's automatically locating your position and finding the track you are on so it can load the available configurations and track layouts from our database. The process may take a few moments when you start the system for the first time

Select Track Configuration

Select Track Configuration

Track configuration defines where the start/finish line and sectors are located and enables GPS-based lap & sector times. If more than a single track configuration is available for the current track you are at, you will be able to select the one you will be using.

Custom Configuration Setup

Create Custom Track Configuration

If the track you are at is not available in RaceCloud’s database or you want to create a custom configuration of start/finish line and splits you are able to do this using the guided wizard to manually enter the points of the track to be used for lap timing.

Create Custom Configuration Mode

Defining a custom configuration is as easy as driving a lap on the track and pressing the indicated buttons on the screen, choosing first where the start/finish line is and then identifying the split lines. The device will save the configuration as soon as you cross the newly created start/finish line and will automatically start a new racing session. Telemetry data is not recorded when you are in the Create Custom Configuration mode

Main Menu: Driver

Driver Selection Menu

Driver Selection

After you have paired your Go Kart BUNDLE to your RaceCloud ID you should add drivers in your team so they can be available for selection from the device's Driver Selection menu.

As soon as you have done this all the drivers will be available in the Drivers list as well as a guest option.

Selecting a driver from the list will automatically log all the data during the next session under his name.

The Go Kart BUNDLE stores individual preferences for each driver, such as Units, LED Indication and Inverted Colors.

Main Menu: Turn Off

Turn Off Device

Device Turn Off

Select this option to perform shutdown of the Go Kart BUNDLE.

Important- Always allow the system to turn off completely (the diode on the Go Kart BOX will go out) before disconnecting the power cable.

Session Analysis

Analysis mode on the device's screen is a tool allowing you to make a quick review of the laps made in the session with their lap times and main stats – min/max RPM, min/max temperature, min/max speed etc. Details on your driving data are available via the iOS application

All Sessions List

All Sessions List

This menu includes all the sessions made with this device. After selecting the desired session for analysis the best five laps will be displayed on the screens.

Sessions, indicated by an exclamation mark in front of them have not been yet uploaded to RaceCloud and are not available for in-depth Analysis in the RaceCloud iOS Application.

Session Overview

Session Overview

Screen including the most important data for the selected session: track, driver, date, time, best lap time, number of laps, min/max RPM, min/max TEMP, min/max Speed.

Session Laps List

Session Laps List

Lists all laps in the selected sessions sorted chronologically.

System Info

System Info

System Info
  • Connected to RaceCloud – the system is Live and transmitting data to the cloud
  • Connecting RaceCloud – the system is trying to establish connection with the cloud.
  • Not Paired – the BUNDLE is not paired with RaceCloud ID.
  • No Subscription – no valid/expired subscription for the RaceCloud ID.
  • Go Kart Connect Disconnected - The Go Kart Connect module is not plugged in the Box
  • No SIM Card - there is no SIM card installed in the Connect module or it is not compatible

A system menu allowing you to view the status of all the Go Kart Modules and sensors attached currently into the Go Kart BUNDLE.

If there is a problem (for example a sensor is not plugged in, cannot establish a connection to the RaceCloud servers or GPS signal is too low) the System Info button on the Dashboard screen will blink and the status indication diode on the Go Kart BOX will be lit up in red.

Motion - GPS coverage and quality

Connect - GSM coverage and quality or indication of a problem with the SIM card

Engine Temperature/RPM – availability and status of the RPM and TEMP sensors

Weather Station – availability and status of the weather station

EGT - availability and status of the exhaust gas temperature sensor

From the System Info you can go to the GPS Info screen, where detailed information about the current Motion performace is displayed, and the About screen which contains your device serial number, software version and the installed SIM card IMSI.

GPS Info

GPS Info

Provides you with detailed information abouth the performance of the Motion (GPS) sensor.

Satellites in View shows the number of satellites used to calculate your location (and driving line). Six is minimum to record your driving line with reasonable precision, ten or more is very good and should provide you with best accuracy.

Horizontal accuracy estimates how precise the driving line is. Usually this number is higher when stationay and drops when you go out to drive on the track.

Accuracy below one meter is optimal (five bars on the System Info screen). About 1.5 meters is acceptable but not perfect (three or four bars on the System Info screen). If it is higher please check if your mounting is correct - read more here

Session Mode

Free Practice

Session Mode

Session mode, which is suitable for training and testing use, the number of laps made, is displayed on the racing screen


Session Mode - Qualifying

Session mode suitable for qualification sessions allowing you to enter the session time and follow the remaining time through the descending timer on the home and racing screens.


Session Mode - Race

Session mode dedicated to races - after entering the number of laps for the race the remaining laps until the finish are displayed on the racing screen.


Session Mode - Academy

Session mode dedicated to training your drivers and improving your driving line. Create a setup from the iOS application, define the brake, transition, acceleration and turn-in points and then load it on the device. The driver will be notified with the Display and LEDs when they approach and reach each point.

You can define only one academy setup per driver/track configuration. From this screen you can load the latest for the location you are at and the driver you have selected from the Driver menu.

  • A turn-in point is indicated by the DISPLAY with a whole-screen "TURN" label
  • A brake point is indicated with the LEDs turning red
  • A transition point is indicated with the LEDs turning yellow
  • An acceleration point is indicated with the LEDs turning green

For academy mode to work you will need a Connect module plugged in (to load the setup) and Motion sensor with good reception (see the System Info section).

Academy mode may not work correctly on a track that is not on the RaceCloud tracks list.

All indications have short animation to prepare the driver for the upcomming action

For safety reasons the temperature alarm always overrides the academy LED notifications and will turn the DISPLAY LEDs in red if overheating or blue if too cold. When driving in academy mode the selected LED indication is disabled.