Pairing your Go Kart BUNDLE to your RaceCloud Team

To receive real-time telemetry and analysise your driving data in the RaceCloud iOS Application you will need to pair the Go Kart BUNDLE to your team and obtain a valid RaceCloud Subscription from the RaceCloud online store.

1. Power up your Go Kart BUNDLE. Make sure the Go Kart CONNECT and the Go Kart DISPLAY are plugged in and you have good cellular coverage

iOS Application - Pairing
iOS Application - Pairing

2. Log in the iOS Application with your Team Owner account and go to the Bundle menu. Press the green "Pair Go Kart BUNDLE" button. You will be presented with a screen expecting a 6-digit pairing code.

If you have already paired a Go Kart BUNDLE to your account you will not be able to pair a second one. Only the Team Owner can pair a device to the team.

Bundle menu - Pairing
Go Kart DISPLAY - Pairing

3. From the Go Kart DISPLAY navigate to Menu and select "Pair" (the first option in the list). You will be presented with a 6-digit pairing code. Note that the code changes every 10 seconds.

If the Pair menu is not available then the Go Kart BUNDLE is already paired to another team.

iOS Application - Pairing
iOS Application - Pairing

4. Enter the 6-digit code from the Go Kart DISPLAY in the iOS application and press the green "Pair" button

5. In a few seconds the Go Kart BUNDLE will be linked with your RaceCloud Team and you will be able to view real-time telemetry and analyse your driving data.

If you have not setup your subscription for RaceCloud Services or it has expired real-time telementry and session data will not be uploaded by the Go Kart BUNDLE.