Mounting & First use

This guide applies for RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle Edition 2017.
The mounting instructions for the Original RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle are available here

Getting telemetry in few easy steps

  1. Mount the RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE on the kart following the instructions below. If you are mounting the Original RaceCloud Go Kart Bundle with external Connect and Motion sensors, follow these instructions instead.
  2. Download the free iOS application from the Apple App Store (available for iPad 2 or newer with iOS 8.0 or greater). Make sure that your iPad is connected to the Internet with the best possible connection.
  3. Using the iOS application create a RaceCloud ID and setup your team or join an existing one by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Power up the BUNDLE and make sure it has connection to the cloud. When starting for the first time it may take 2-3 minutes for the pre-installed SIM card to find supported network, if you are in one of the supported countries. You may need to choose the best service provider for your area manually if the one selected automatically doesn't have strong enough signal.
  5. Pair the BOX to your team by following the instruction here.
  6. Make your initial BUNDLE setup through the Go Kart DISPLAY Menu. Detailed Go Kart BUNDLE user manual is available here.
  7. Get a subscription for the RaceCloud services at
  8. Check out our Mounting EGT Probe and Mounting CHT Sensor instructions if you have purchased them.

You're all set and ready to start racing.

  1. Always make sure your go kart battery is fully charged.
  2. Do not modify the power cable's connectors. Any modification may result in permanent damage or improper operation of your RaceCloud Bundle.
  3. Use only spark plug and spark plug boots with at lest 5kohm resistance. Any other will generate electromagnetic interferences that will cause system malfunctions.
  4. Keep in mind that the RaceCloud Telemetry will start automatically once you plugin the power cable for the first time. Every subsequent power on of the system can be done with a simple press of any of the four buttons on the Go Kart DISPLAY. Automatic power on is available also when the go kart's engine is started.
  5. Every first start of the Telemetry for the day will require a bit more time for the Go Kart MOTION (GPS) to acquire a GPS fix (Cold start). We recommend powering the system and leaving it outdoor for few minutes before first lap on the track. Once the sensor has obtained information about your location during the day you should have precise location almost immediately after system starts.
  6. Don't forget RaceCloud Support Team is always there for you - just contact us and we will help you with anything RaceCloud related.


  • Wrenches – 8, 10, 11 and 13mm
  • Hex keys – 4mm and 5mm
  • Cable ties

Figure 1 - Display mounting
Figure 1 - Mounting Go Kart DISPLAY

The display is supplied with a mounting bolt for tightening in the dedicated hole on the steering wheel. Tighten it with the nut and washer supplied.

Depending on the necessary or desired distance between the display and the steering wheel plate you can use one of the two washers supplied which can be placed on either side of the plate.

Go Kart Box
Figure 2 - Mounting Go Kart BOX
Figure 2 - Mounting Go Kart BOX

The box is mounted under the nose of the kart, tightly fixed with the dedicated metal frame, supplied in the Go Kart BUNDLE.

Positioning the BOX - find the optimal spot along the nose - not too far from the display, so you can route its cable, but not too high up. Make sure it does not obstruct any moving parts of the Go Kart and the driver.

Orientation of the BOX - the metal plate with the ports should be at the bottom, the LED side should be facing the driver, the two antenna connectors should point to the left (from driver's point of view). If orientation is different the G-Forces and Steering Wheel Angle measurements will be incorrect. See Figure 2 for the exact orientation.

Figure 2 - Fastening the BOX
Figure 3 - Fastening the BOX

At the chosen location drill two 6mm holes in the nose and screw the metal plate with the box, using the 6mm fasteners, nuts and the conic washers, provided with the Go Kart BUNDLE.

Figure 4 - Mounting Motion Antenna
Figure 4 - Mounting Motion Antenna

Position the Motion Antenna at the top of the kart's nose, as flat as possible, facing upwards and unobstructed from other equipment. Make sure the cable reaches the port in the box (the one on the side, further from the driver). See Figure 4 and Figure 5 for recommended antenna placement and cable routing.

Use double-sided adhesive tape to fix the antenna in place.

Plug the connector in the BOX and fasten it with 8mm wrench. Do not apply excessive force.

Do not use cable ties on the antenna's cable - they may cause damage to it. The cable is short and the antenna is very light so they don't need additional fixtures.

Make sure the cable does not have any tight bends as they will affect the signal. If needed drill a 9mm hole at the top or on the side of the nose to get optimal routing.

The antenna must be kept away from action cameras (such as Go Pro) and as flat as possible. It will NOT work mounted under the nose.

Figure 5 - Mounting Connect Antenna
Figure 5 - Mounting Connect Antenna

Plug the Connect Antenna in the labelled port on the side of the BOX (should be the one closer to the driver). Screw it with 8mm wrench without applying excessive force. Point the antenna downwards or towards the driver.

If you need to remove the antenna to enter CIK-FIA compliant mode use a 8mm wrench - do not unscrew the antenna by using it as a lever - this will cause irreparable damage.

Figure 7 - Mounting Weather Station
Figure 6 - Mounting Go Kart WEATHER

Mounting and connecting the RaceCloud WEATHER station is as simple as plugging it into any of the free ports on the Go Kart BOX. (Figure 6)

Go Kart TEMP (liquid-cooled engines)
Figure 7 - Liquid cooled engines temperature mounting
Figure 7 - Mounting Go Kart TEMP

To simplify mounting the RaceCloud Go Kart TEMP sensor for water-cooled engines is detachable from the combined RPM-TEMP sensor with a lock-type connector. Disconnect it and screw the bolt to the cyllinder head using wrench 13 (Figure 7), then connect it to the rest of the cable (combined with the RPM Cable). Route the temperature cable on the right side of the seat (closer to the engine, see Figure 9) and then just plug into the BOX.

For air-cooled engines you should disconnect the TEMP sensor from the nearest connector and wind the excessive cable wherever you see fit. Do not unplug the combined RPM/TEMP sensor from the Go Kart BOX or you will loose RPM readings as well.

Go Kart RPM
Figure 8 - RPM mounting
Figure 8 - Mounting Go Kart RPM

All you need to do about the RPM cable is to fix it to the chassis (on the left side of the seat, viewing angle is in the direction of travel – Figure 9) with cable ties and then wind its end over the spark plug cable (Figure 8): for Rotax, KZ etc. – 6-8 loops, for Mini (LKE, Vortex, Parilla etc.) – 1 loop.

If you experience inconsistent RPM readings please increase or decrease the number of loops.

The loops should be close to the spark plug and far from the ignition coil.

Figure 9 - Wiring
Figure 9 - Wiring

Make sure that all the wiring of the RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE is securely fixed to the chassis and can't touch the ground or other moving parts. Improperly mounted components of the system can cause incidental damage or act as an obstacle during driving.

The same goes for the power cable - find its path from the battery to the power connector on the Go Kart BOX, fix it tightly to the battery's "+" (positive) and "-" (negative) terminals and tie it to the chassis. Be careful not to mix the two teminals and not to short them - this will result in damage to the unit and the battery. The power cable's red connector must be connected to the positive terminal.

Racing engines' electrical ignition system is strong generator of agressive electro-magnetic interferences (EMI) and may cause variety of problems with any other electronic devices nearby without the necessary protection. For proper operation of your RaceCloud Go Kart BUNDLE you must follow few very important rules:

Do not modify the power cable's connectors. Any modifications may result in permanent damage or improper operation of your RaceCloud Bundle.

Use only spark plug boots and spark plugs with at least 5Kohm resistance. Any other will generate enough electromagnetic interferences to cause system malfunctions.

The RaceCloud's RPM and TEMP cables are meant to go along the two different sides of the seat so signals along them do not interfere. The thin RPM cable has to take the long way on the opposite side of the engine while the TEMP cable should reach the engine directly along the shorter side. Make sure that the connectors are tightly fastened (takes half a turn until it clicks to lock in place for the sensor connectors) and cables are firmly fixed on the chassis, so they cannot touch the ground or any moving objects.

Use as many cable ties as needed but be careful not to damage the cables' insulation.