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RaceCloud is a lot more than just another data logging system!

We strongly believe that we are offering not only a state-of-the-art hardware solution, but more of a high-quality and super-efficient service, making you able to experience the world of motorsports in a whole new way! This is why behind the RaceCloud Concept you will find an exhaustive set of services making all this possible and taking care of all your needs, packed with a numerous options to subscribe and become a member of our family.

Each subscription grants you:

Multi-Device Upgrade is available as a $1999 one-time purchase per team, providing you with:

Just find the subscription that suits you best among the available options and we will guarantee the service you expect. Pricing is based on the racing hours.

Need a plan with even more racing hours? Contact us and request a quote!

All subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Unused racing hours are not transferred to the next billing period. When the subscription expires you do not loose data already stored in the cloud, however new data will not be recorded.

With multi-device upgrade racing hours are shared between all Bundles, paired to the team

A racing hour is calculated only when the telemetry is used in session. The session time is with very high granularity, up to a second.
A session starts when the engine is running and the speed is above 5 kph. Session end is when the kart remains stationary with the engine turned off for 30 seconds.
When the go kart is not moving (speed is below 5 km/h), even if the Live Telemetry transmits data, this is not considered a racing hour and does not charge the subscription.

RaceCloud Support


Being in 21st century and having such an innovative product concept is allowing us to deliver unparalleled support services! Connecting all the Live Telemetry Systems around the World in one huge family is an opportunity that is letting us be virtually with you on track whenever you need us, to support you and help you fully enjoy the RaceCloud experience! 14 hours a day, 7 days a week on every continent, in every country, on every track - RaceCloud Support will be there for you!

Support contact information is available on the contact page.



Advanced cloud computing

All the data, acquired from the Go Kart BUNDLE, mounted on the go kart, is processed and transferred via RaceCloud.

Our dedicated cloud servers are integrated in a seamless, fully-automated platform to deliver dozens of time-saving features, such as Live Telemetry and Automated Data Analysis. Data recorded by the hardware is sent to the iOS Application within milliseconds of events on the racing track.

Optimized performance for any spot on the planet

No matter where the karting action takes place out RaceCloud handles the job of delivering the racing data to the iPad perfectly.

With data centers and network points of presence worldwide, all connected via high-speed private network, RaceCloud is available whenever and wherever you want it.

Over 1800 racing tracks

Over 80% of racing karting tracks worldwide are available in the RaceCloud database with detailed layout and multiple configurations.

You can check out if your favourte track is available in our tracks list.

Use the services with your own 3G SIM card

The Go Kart BUNDLE comes with a pre-installed 3G SIM with complimentary free traffic for all these countries.

High Security

RaceCloud is built on top of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, giving our users the benefit of enterprise level network security and data protection.

Read more about AWS Security Center and World-Class Protection


RaceCloud is prepared to handle thousand of simultaneous sessions from anywhere without delays in data delivery.

The uptime is guaranteed with the ever growing number of users utilizing the services of RaceCloud.

Data privacy is customizable

Whether you want your data to be exclusively available to you and you only or you want to share it to other users of RaceCloud - it's up to you. RaceCloud guarantees 100% privacy. Privacy policy