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Live Mode


The first Live Telemetry Mode available in a data logging system for karting. Making possible a Live transmission of data in real time from the go-kart to the pits and all the most crucial information available as it happens - lap times, engine data (RPM, Temperature etc.) and driving data (speed, racing line, cornering G-Forces, Steering Wheel Angle).

    • Lap times
    • Analogue gauges for RPM and engine temperature
    • Lateral G-force in corners
    • Precise racing line
    • Exact kart geo positioning on track
    • Sector markings on track
    • Steering angle
Race Data Analysis Mode

Analysis Mode

Again a world first experience - data available at your fingertips as soon as a racing session is over, with no additional operations required, and of course the most appropriate tools for analysis. RaceCloud's innovative approach is allowing everyone to easily get deeper into the data and get advantage of the simple and fast analysis, helping you grow as a winner improving your driving and go-kart.

    • Analyze your racing line in comparison with data gathered - engine RPM and temperature, speed etc.
    • Compare up to two separate racing lines and the data in them and identify the perfect racing line
    • Analyze the perfect turn in point, perfect apex and corner exit points
    • Check you consistency and all your laps and data, and never miss even the slightest weakness
    • Easily create a data comparison of two laps to see all the differences and potential room for improvement.
    • When you've chosen to compare two laps you can select only one measurement for comparison.
    • Added Time VS Time comparison, directly spoting the sections of track that you're gaining or losing time.
    • Wondering what are the values of a certain parameter at the exact same point of two different laps? No problem. Just chose what comparison would you like - by time or by position.
Race Line Analysis

Race Line Analysis

Analyze your racing line to the smallest detail with extraordinary precision or compare two lines to easily spot your errors and improve your driving.

    • Analyze your interactions and speed through the racing line and find every room for improvement
    • Compare how different racing lines affect your performance and results
    • Discover your go-kart's behavior and any options for enhancement
    • Steering wheel angle is one of the parameters that a are giving you the most useful information about the driver's behavior and helping you spot even the slightest detail easy and fast.
    • Combining it with the G-Forces and your Racing Line not a single detail will get past you.
    • Squeezing the maximum out of every corner on the track is not a simple task, but analysing your cornering G-Forces and comparing them between your different laps is making it again more simple and faster to understand what is happening and what can be improved.
    • Combining it with the Steering Wheel Angle and your Racing Line not a single detail will get past you.
Session Overview

Session Overview

Check the most crucial and importnant information recorded during your session by one click. You have all the needed information already analyzed and ready for you (not only raw numbers). Easily spot details like max/min RPM or engine temperature., all your laps/sectors displayed in a bar histogram, etc.

    • Lap/Sector Histogram
    • Theoretical Best Lap
    • RPM, Temperature and Steering Wheel Angle preliminary analysis
    • Session and Weather Info
    • Minimal and Maximal values of RPM, Speed and Temperature
    • Race Setup review
    • See all your laps or sectors in a bar graph form, easily spot all the differences and judge you consistency.
    • Have you ever wonder what is the perfect lap that you can do? Our system makes it easy and calculates your theoretical best lap according to your best sector times during the session.
Kart Race Setup

Kart Race Setup

Never again forget your chassis and engine setup.

    • Enter your chassis and engines details so that you can keep track of everything concerning them, including the target RPM and TEMP ranges and the automated Weather Station based carburetor setup recommendations.
    • Input all your settings of multiple race setups and they will be immediately stored and linked to your sessions so you will be able to review them when you return to the track and compare how they reflect your performance and results.
Multiple Drivers / Users in your account

Multiple Drivers/Users in your account

    • More than one drivers are using the same kart? You can add as many members as you want in your account and they will be available for selection through the device's screen in order to store the data under their name and make it available for comparison afterwards. They will also be able to log in and review all the data under they own RaceCloud IDs.


RaceCloud's Academy is an innovative concept taking data acquisition to a whole new state-of-the-art level! Combining 21st century technology with the already proven easy-to-use software, the high-precision hardware and adding the high-quality and super-efficient services, we have dedicated our new product in making you able to experience the world of motorsports in a whole new way. Unlike anything else on the market we are focused not only in presenting you with some data and graphics but highlighting the essential information, visualized in an easy-to-understand manner that will save you time and efforts to put in real racing! Adding some world-first solutions for driver coaching, kart maintenance and team management RaceCloud Academy is again one step further into the future of motorsports!

    • It is nearly impossible to make a young newbie in karting to listen and fulfill all your advices and recommendations. This won't be a problem anymore with RaceCloud. Just put all the brake/turn in/acceleration/etc. points in the iOS app that you want your child to drive with and he/she will be indicated for every point on the track by the LEDs at the top of the display while driving and this will define the perfect racing line.
    • No matter if you are a team manager that wants to keep an eye over his chasies and engines or you are a hobby driver that goes on the track only from time to time, the maintenance timers are another one-of-a-kind RaceCloud reserved feature that allows you to keep track of every possible servicing procedure. You will be notified every time when there's something to check (lubricate the chain, change your engine's piston, etc,). Just use the pre-defined default timers or even input your own.
    • No matter If you are a newbie or already a more experienced driver don't worry - we also have an advanced solution for you. With the Academy/Team subscription you will be able to analyse your driving by diging deeper into your data in more details. Emphasizing the driver's behavior and go-kart's performance RaceCloud is again presenting a first-of-a-kind G-Force and Steering wheel analysis with innovative visual graphics directly over the racing lines. Making it beyond comparison the easiest and fastest way to spot under/oversteer by analysing the changes in the G-Forces and Steering angles, finding the smallest details and the root for improvement of your driving skills like it's a piece of cake. It is so simple and easy that even your youngest driver will be able to understand it.
    • The final addition to the innovative features and the superb visualization! Thanks to our integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes, RaceCloud is the first ever telemetry system for go-kart that can automatically detect and display your brake and turn in points over the racing line.


    • Feature especially designed to make the life of Team managers, coaches and mechanics easier. Every single functionallity of RaceCloud combined in one account that have multiple device support. You will be able to have several different RaceCloud bundles in one team. Keep an eye on all your karts while they are on the track (live mode), compare sessions of two different drivers in your team (analysis mode), check whats happening with every single kart in your account (maintenance timers), etc. Experience the full power and capabilities of RaceCloud.
    • This option allows you to easily enter all your chassies and engines installed on them and manage their usage.